How to Throw a Mini Reception After Your Elopement

December 15, 2020

If you both want to plan a romantic elopement to just focus on each other, then go for it! A post-elopement party is a great way to celebrate with your loved ones after you tie the knot. It’s also a wonderful idea for couples doing destination elopements, where it may be difficult for your friends and family to travel in. But how do you plan it? Here’s some helpful tips for planning your reception:

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Send Invitations

Notify your guests that you’ve eloped with an invitation announcing that you’re hitched! On your invitation, be sure to include party details and maybe even utilize some of your elopement photos into the design. Another great idea is to include a note with more details of your elopement and how excited you are to celebrate with your family and friends. We recommend planning this event relatively soon after your elopement.

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Secure a Location and Decide on the Details

When it comes to planning a party after your elopement, you can go in so many directions! It’s important to have the reception that you and your partner want, not designed for everyone else. From a casual gathering to an outdoor soiree, we’ve seen it all. Here’s a few ideas in case you’re looking for some inspiration: 

  • Have an outdoor screening party sharing your wedding video or photos from your big day for everyone to see while enjoying some eats and sips.
  • Throw a dance party at your favorite local spot!
  • Rent out an AirBNB and have everyone over for dinner or a mini getaway to celebrate your elopement.
  • Plan a casual barbecue or picnic with everyone – bonus if you bring games or hire a local food truck!
  • Hire a wedding planner and plan for a traditional style reception at a venue of your choice after coming back from your overseas adventure.
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You Can Still Incorporate Traditional Elements

While it’s not a requirement, you can include traditional elements of a wedding reception at your party – i.e. a first dance, speeches and a cake cutting. How traditional you make your event is entirely up to the two of you. One idea that we love is our couples wearing their wedding attire again at their party. It gives you another opportunity to wear your wedding gown or suit for everyone to admire in person – you’d also be making the most of your purchase without having to worry about what to wear for the party!

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Keep Your Registry Small

There is a perception that reception-only celebrations after an elopement are just a way to get gifts. We know this is not usually the case, but it’s good to be aware of what people might be thinking if you’re having a party after your elopement or micro wedding. We recommend keeping your registry on the small side to avoid any issues with family or friends. If someone does bring a gift, you absolutely should write them a thank-you note – the same as any other wedding event!

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Make Sure It’s Documented

You can either work together with your wedding photographer, hire a local photographer or set out cameras for everyone to use – but make sure that you document the party, too! Everyone will love looking back on the memories they make celebrating with you. Plus, they are great to include with any thank you cards that you send out! 

And above all else, have fun!


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