3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Videographer for Your Elopement

December 20, 2020

Most soon-to-be married couples will at some point debate whether or not to add video to their day. It’s truly an individual decision, but one that most wedding planners (and couples that hired a videographer) highly recommend whether you’re planning a 300-guest wedding or an intimate elopement. While you may be soaking up your ceremony in the moment, any couple can tell you that it all happens so fast! Is your wedding day something you want to look back and relive later on? Something that you want to share with all of your family and friends that weren’t present? Then hiring a videographer may be one of the best decisions you make for your elopement.

Photo by Caroline Thomas Photography

The Vows Will Live Forever

Your elopement day will be full of so many exciting and special moments, but nothing will compare to the moment you share your heartfelt vows with one another. While your photographer can catch the visual aspects of your ceremony, only video can capture the real tears, choked up confessions and raw, in-the-moment emotions. Most couples who capture this on video end up re-watching it for years to come – escaping back to that magical moment even when normal life has resumed.

Photo by Caroline Thomas Photography

A Fun, Yearly Tradition for the Two of You

How fun would it be to sit down on the couch together every anniversary and watch the moments from that special day! It’s such an intimate tradition that the two of you can enjoy each year – no fancy dinners or expensive gifts required. Who knows, someday that tradition can include your children, grandchildren and other loved ones.

Photo by Ledia Tashi Photography

TBH, You’ll Probably Regret Not Having it to Share

When you return from your elopement and share the news with your family, you know that the one of things they’ll ask is, “Show us the details!”. Having a videographer capture your wedding day means that you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself into your elopement experience (without distraction!) and still be able to reminisce on all of the little details later on. Your loved ones – especially if they weren’t there in person – will want to celebrate this special occasion, too! Pull out your video and let them see all of the magic from that day. 

You made the decision to elope, and you only have one chance to capture it. Trust us when we say, a videographer is a worthy investment!


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