Our Top Makeup and Hair Tips for Your Florida Beach Elopement

February 23, 2021

Getting married on a beach is such a dreamy backdrop for any romantic elopement. But when planning for an outdoor event, it’s important to brush up on best practices to withstand the sun, heat or any other elements for that matter. We’ve put together our top seven hair and makeup tips to keep in mind before your Florida elopement! 

Photo by Caroline Thomas Photography

Start With Freshly Moisturized Skin

Go for a light serum in locations that are very humid – the smooth canvas will make everything else on top look super fresh. If you have dry skin, use a stronger moisturizer in any dry areas and regular moisturizer everywhere else. If you’re prone to oiliness, add on a primer after your serum sinks in.

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Skincare Protection is Always #1

Make sure to protect your skin on your big day! You’ll want to wear both moisturizer and sunscreen to avoid a sunburn on warm, sunny days. If you’re worried about stacking too many layers, there are a bunch of moisturizers and foundations that include SPF ingredients to keep things simple.

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Aim for Breathable, Light Layers

For your wedding makeup, light layers are key! Cakey layers of makeup run the risk of smearing or smudging with the amount of moisture that is in the air. Remember that beach weather is hot and there is a big possibility that you may sweat. By using light layers, you may require more frequent touch-ups, but the results will look much more natural than heavy formulas.  

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Play Up the Eyes

Now is not the time to try out what’s “trending”! While bright red lips or highlighter overload may look great for a night out, keep most of your makeup simple and play up the eyes. Go for neutral color pencils and shadows like plum, khaki, bronze or brown. You’re going to look at your wedding photos forever, so make sure that your makeup look feels like YOU.

Photo by Ledia Tashi Photography

Have Blotting Sheets Handy

For the day, pack blotting sheets in your makeup bag and clutch so they’re within reach at all times. That way you can swipe away any unwanted shine before a quick touch up! These are especially handy during photos when you may be in/around direct sunlight for an extended period of time.

Photo by Caroline Thomas Photography

Go Easy on the Body Makeup

Whatever you do, don’t slather your body with concealers or bronzers unless you want your wedding dress to have a tan trim! If you have an area you’re trying to cover up, use the same concealer you did for your face makeup with a bit of correcting primer. Be sure to give yourself at least 24-48 hours after a spray tan, too!

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Weatherproof Wedding Hair is Ideal

On your wedding day, don’t fight your natural hair type or texture! Especially with the heat, curls may not hold or hair may not stay straight. Aim for a soft, natural look that can last against the humidity. Some brides prefer an updo or pinned back style to keep everything in place. If your heart is set on wearing it down, make sure that you are facing toward any wind to prevent your hair from blowing all around your face and in your eyes during the ceremony.


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