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August 30, 2021

Well known around the Tampa Bay Area, Wild Roots is a “wildly” popular nursery overflowing with lush greenery and plants. Not only is the store extremely popular with the plant lovers, but after-hours it is also a beautiful venue to tie the knot! Their mantra “Stay Wild” is an expression that you’ll come across all over the store. It’s a simple reminder to be true to yourself and never stop following your heart.

Savannah and Trey Thomas are a true example of radical acceptance and unconditional love.  Both S + T conveyed this love and thankfulness to each other throughout their tear-jerking sharing of their personal vows. In fact, there was not a dry eye in Wild Roots that day! Are you a “gotta see it to believe it” kind of a person…check out S + T’s highlight film on our Youtube Page here

Elope Tampa Bay, North Straub Park
Tampa Bay Elopement, first look
first look before an elopement ceremony

Prior to the ceremony, Savannah and Trey  decided to do a “first look” at North Straub Park in Downtown St. Pete. Depending on your venue/location, a “first look” is a great way to share an intimate moment with your significant other prior to the ceremony. During this “first look” your photographer will place y’all in the perfect picturesque spot/location, and capture the reactions of getting to see your future spouse for the first time. Some couples want to have the intimacy of seeing each other privately before the ceremony, while others want the first time seeing each other to be walking down the aisle at the ceremony. Regardless, you can’t go wrong either way! Our photographers are amazing and so talented at capturing all the sweet and special moments of your big day!

Elopement Bride
Black Love Elopement
Florida Elopment
Elope Tampa Bay

After getting to experience the intimate moment of seeing their future spouse, Savannah and Trey hopped in a vintage Rolls Royce, and headed to Wild Roots for their ceremony. Although transportation is not included inside of our packages, we do have an awesome preferred vendors list with some amazing and reliable vendors!

Tampa Bay Elopement
Black Couple First Look before Elopement
Vintage Rolls Rolls Elopement Tampa Bay
Elope Tampa Bay

Joined by family and friends, Savannah and Trey were able share their personal promises to one another in a heartfelt exchanging of vows and ring exchange:

“You are my sunshine because of the light that you naturally bring to me and everyone you come in contact with. There are truly no words to quantify how much you mean to me or how much I love you. Loving you is simple and pure…yet our love is so compounding and exuberant and electric. It’s the Thomas Way”

Elopement at Wild Roots
Tampa Bay Greenery Elopement
Florida Elopement Wild roots

“Today I vow to you, to love you unconditionally, to honor you as the queen that you are. To protect you, to lay down my life for you. I will love you for who you are, who you grow to be, the changes that you make. The good, the bad, the ugly. I’ll be there for you. The Thomas Way”

“I vow to lift you and support you in all that you do. I promise to be your peace, your light and add to your joy. You are my home. I will continue to choose you, choose us, The Thomas Way.”

Cake Cutting at Elope Tampa Bay Elopement
Elope Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay Elopement
Rolls Royce Elopement, Elope Tampa Bay

Photography: M.A.D Images


Coordinator & Permit: Elope Tampa Bay

Officiant : Pastor Chris Thomas

Photographer : M.A.D. Images Photography

Videographer: Imagery Wedding Films

Venue: Wild Roots

Floral: Wonderland Florist

Pastry Chef/Cake: Sweet Divas

Hair and Makeup: Glow by Natalia


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