The 5 Hottest Engagement Photo Dresses of 2022

March 2, 2022

Let’s talk about engagement photos. Why are they even needed? We always recommend an engagement session for our couples for several reasons. The first is so you and your partner can get comfortable in front of the camera. It’s a great practice run for your big day. The second reason is to get to know your potential photographer. If you love your engagement pictures, you are sure to be “ga ga”over your wedding photos. The third reason is engagement photos are a great way to announce your marriage, especially if you are planning on eloping. Many couples use these pictures for save the dates, bridal showers, and even thank you cards. The next big question is what do you wear to these sessions? Well don’t worry we have that covered for you too! Here are our top 5 engagement dresses for 2022. 

Photo by: Green Wedding Shoes

The Jewel Tone

Jewel tone dresses have been an emerging trend and have reamined popular over the last two years. We do not see them going away any time soon! Dresses are bold with vibrant colors mixed with plenty of texture. Silk, tulle, velvet and even leather are used in colors like emerald, ruby, sapphire and amethyst. This look will give your photos a moody, dramatic picture. 

By: Green Wedding Shoes

Still Boho

Anything and everything Boho Chic is still running its course! The Boho style is still reigning high in the wedding world. Bringing effortless elegance, these types of dresses are free moving and add to a couples spirited nature. Whites, ivorys and  lace  are very popular in this style. For an airy romance feel, boho checks all the boxes. 

Photo by :June Bug Weddings

Vintage Short

This is a new trend emerging. Short dresses! They had their time in the 60’s and 70’s but are now making their comeback. Dresses of all styles and patterns but short above the knee. We are seeing aline styles as well as the ever popular “poof” dress better know as baby doll. These dresses have lots of fun and whimsy and will give your engagement session a flirty vibe. 

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Bold Prints

Prints! This is one I am so excited for. Large Prints and small prints alike. Most have a vintage flair, but not all. For many years engagement photos meant solid colors and beautiful backgrounds. That idea is definitely being challenged with these amazing show stopper dresses. Afterall its about the couple, not the background! Be the main character in your story.

Photo by : Wandering Weddings 

Cottage Core

Sticking with vintage inspired dresses, comes cottage core. These dresses are long and give a major sexy little house on the praire look. Some are patterned with small florals and delicate colors. Cottage core can allow our couples to dress up on down this look. Editorial or Casual. Either way these dresses can get the job done. In the woods? Perfect for cottage core. In your home for an up close session, also a great fit. Completely versatile for the couple who needs flexibility!

Whatever your choice for your Engagement Session may be, just make sure it is 


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