An Intimate Beach Elopement in Florida Featuring Cotton Candy Skies

February 7, 2023

There is something so utterly romantic about eloping at the beach before the sun sets. Our two lovebirds wanted to tie the knot in a private ceremony with friends and family overlooking the picture-perfect ocean. In the peaceful afternoon, Carly and Chase exchanged their vows promising eternal love and taking care of each other. Our favorite moment? The sun set of course! As the couple sealed their life together with a kiss the sky became as magical as their day. It was the perfect wedding day, filled with love, a beautiful Florida sunset, and happy vibes!


One of the few times Chase has ever surprised me.  We knew that we wanted to get engaged and be married, but I thought we were at least a few more months away from a proposal.  He planned out everything and I was completely shocked when it happened!


We wanted a super small wedding with just our immediate families present. We had a big celebration with friends after we got married a few weeks later, but wanted the ceremony to be simple and intimate. We wanted to enjoy the day and the moment, not be stressed about it.  Elope TB made it so easy! 


Very little! We both have extremely busy (but fun) jobs and are on the road quite a bit, so planning a wedding was something I had little desire to do.  Elope TB took care of everything, even the little details that I didn’t even think about.  Our wedding was planned in probably less than two hours total, including the planning calls.  The flowers were beautiful and we had the perfect day! 


Make sure that your wedding day is what you want. It’s really easy to look on social media and see people have huge, lavish weddings, and feel pressed to do something that isn’t for you guys.  Big weddings are wonderful, but we knew that we wanted that part of our story to be small and intimate. As long as it’s what you want, it will be special no matter what! At the end of the day, the dress, the flowers, etc. all go away once the day is over and it’s just you and your person, make sure you get that choice right! 


Photographer: Caroline Thomas Photography

Coordinator & Permit: Elope Tampa Bay

Venue: Pass-A-Grille Beach

Floral: Cotton & Magnolia


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