I started out in this industry as a full service wedding planner about six years ago. Instead of telling you all of these amazing accolades about myself, I thought it would be better to tell you the WHY behind my business. When I got married I decided to keep things intimate and I got married in Mexico with about 45 close family and friends. We were in the middle of trying to buy a house and wanted to really do a kick ass honeymoon. We were just starting our life out together and did not have a ton of money to invest into a large wedding and certainly did not want to go into debt. It was a decision I 100% do not regret, but there were a few things on my wedding day I was not happy with and I never wanted anyone else to experience the same. 

Emily's Story

I HATED my wedding photos. Yep. In fact, when I got my photos back I actually cried. I truly never wanted anyone to have the same feeling I did which is why now I will only work with photographers that are experienced and I have worked with many times over the years. There are so many companies in Las Vegas that use inexperienced, new photographers and that is one of the reasons why their package pricing is so low. I wanted to do something different and invest in GREAT photographers so that our clients will LOVE their wedding photos.  

Also on my wedding day when I received my bouquet the flowers were PURPLE and SMALL. Okay, not a big deal right ? Except for the fact that none of my wedding colors were purple! Somehow the florist had gone and done their own thing and had not taken into consideration the colors and inspiration photos I had sent them in advance. Again there are a lot of companies in Las Vegas that will give you an option between three different standard bouquets or give you a 12 rose bouquet but I wanted to do something DIFFERENT.


When I started thinking about offering elopements and smaller weddings, there were a few things that I felt like people just couldn’t miss out on. The idea of doing a small cake cutting and champagne toast may not seem like a big deal to everyone but I think bringing some of the main elements of a larger wedding, but just a smaller scale really puts a nice touch on things. It makes it so people just really don’t feel like they are missing out on having a big wedding. 

I will say that I have never heard a couple tell me that they regret having a small wedding or elopement. In fact, if anything I hear the opposite. People who stress over a large scale wedding and go into debt will tell me they wish they would’ve just eloped. I can tell you that I am so passionate about this business and love making people feel special at their “intimate” wedding. Are you ready to elope in Florida? We can't wait to help you make your wedding day unforgettable! 


I have been a full service wedding planner in the Tampa Bay Area for 5 years. I help couples with all different types of planning needs, either Event Management, Design or Full Planning. My Reviews speak for themselves and I was awarded Best of the Bay in 2019. Even though I connect with couples on all levels and different budgets, I love my smaller scale weddings. The more intimate the more it grips at my heart strings because I was that bride! 

I was married 5 years ago in Las Vegas. I wanted it to be a trip/destination for all. I wanted my guests to have fun and to be entertained. I wanted them to remember the time they had, because let's be honest, every destination wedding I've attended as a guest I've remembered more than others because I remember the trip and experience. I wanted to keep my wedding party small (just the hubs and I), my wedding budget low (gotta plan for a home and epic honeymoon) and my guest list small to those that I truly wanted to be there. Andddd I know I'm slightly biased, but it was the best day and wedding I've been to. 

Melanie's Story

With Elope Tampa Bay we'll see to it that you have personalization on your wedding day, that you have a cake cutting, champagne toast and first dance. We'll make sure you have THE BEST photographers and videographers to capture your intimate moments. Even though you're small, you'll be treated as a large upscale wedding. We understand and want nothing but the best memories for you because we've been in your shoes and know what it's like. 

I understand not all can elope or have a smaller scale wedding due to circumstance, however when I share my story, even with my large scale wedding couples, they say they wish they had or could elope. That they wish it was more simplified, easy, just the two of them or a small gathering of their closest family/friends. 


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